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Hi there English speaking visitor!

Sometimes you feel as if nobody understands you. As if you went back to puberty. But that is not what you want. Your goal is that the whole world gets you. And even better: you want to reach everyone in your own way. With your own beautiful voice.communication trainings Utrecht

Do you feel lost in communication?

Is this your reality in communication:

  • Do you have difficulties in making your point in communication?
  • Don’t you know how to connect to others?
  • Or how to bridge the gap in knowledge?


As an expert it is difficult to know how to bridge the gap

Do you know lots and lots about your subject? And is enthusiasm your key emotion? Then I would call you an expert. It is my experience that experts are bound to start in the middle of their story. They do that because they just love the juicy details.

Usually their client is not there yet. The expert should go back to the start. There are some techniques for that, like a comparison. I used it here. (Go back up and check it out.)communication trainings Utrecht

Here you can check out my communication trainings

Do you feel as if this is about you? I can help you out with communication trainings:

  • Spoken word: presentation or conversational techniques
  • Writing with creative techniques like storytelling and of course the die-hard business writing techniques. You can learn to write better reports or emails.
  • Speed reading.

I specialized in blogging and writing web text

My specialty is blogging or writing web text. Why? Because then I can use all my knowledge of:

  • Marketing
  • Usability
  • Writing for a screen (which differs from paper)
  • SEO (search engine optimization) or how to make Google love your texts.

Background of Anneke. Is she clever? The answer is yes.

Writing trainer since 2009. At Schouten & Nelissen, I trained in English for Philips. At Boertien, Vergouwen, Overduin I gave some writing trainings. And I did the blogging at Puntann, which is my own company.

Born in 1978

2003 degree in university study Linguistics

2007 got my degree as a (Dutch) teacher

1998 got my first year (propedeuse) in Chemistry at university. I am proud!

Are you clever and willing to learn and experiment?

And of course: do you want to improve in communications? Then I would love to hear from you!

Anneke: 0031-618.33.00.56 or send me a message:

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